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Are you sick of buzz word shooting speakers? Lots of bla bla and few applicable takeaways? Then get me as speaker! I'm 100% focused on sharing strategic insights to UX, optimization & growth and providing best practices along with actionable takeaways.

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Lean Service Design
User Experience
Organizational Strategies
Optimization & Growth Marketing

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We had Elam at GMS17 talking about how to implement a conversion strategy inside the corporation and how to overcome some organisational hurdles. I can highly recommend his speech, it is very unique and he combines his view from the client side with his view as a consultant.

André Morys

Founder Webarts
Absolutely love the talk by @Flowtrails ! Every slide I want to scream "damn right!"

Paul Lanzerstorfer

CEO Pulpmedia
@Flowtrails Great talk at #GMS17. Tons of truth and great visualizations.

Mirko Melcher

Head of CRO Webarts
Most helpful slide of the day... so far. By @Flowtrails #gms17 #ux #usability

Tomas Herzberger

Do user research and expert reviews before you start AB-testing. Basic advice that can't be repeated often enough. @Flowtrails #gms17

Els Aerts

The A in AGConsult
And then you wake up... in the #Zoo without optimisation & governance Thx @flowtrails #gms17

Dennis Scollar

@Flowtrails uses some pretty cool slides to prove his points on how to get ideas into actions #gms17

Sandra Andres

@Flowtrails you hit me hard - but this was so fu***** good. i will speak with a few people and do this right on monday. TY! Let's go! #gms17


Best take away from @Flowtrails speech @UpfrontThinking conference: Have the guts to get back to field one.

Basil Schmid

Sehr starke und inspirierende Worte von @Flowtrails am #uxbrunch_zh —UXler ab auf den driver seat! Das Aufstehen hat sich gelohnt!

Vincenzo Tremonte

Measure the value of #UX by defining KPIs and calculating the ROI. Thanks for the inspiring talk @Flowtrails at #uxbrunch_zh this morning

Ilona Baier

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My Blog

Over the past years I published my thoughts on a variety of UX related topics on my blog. If you want to understand what is driving me every day… there’s the place to find it out. Happy reading!


In the last years I focused on strategic UX and conversion optimization because I’m convinced that UX should drive business.


Most of my conceptual skills and methods I’m using in my daily work I gained at ETH Zurich studying architecture & town planning.


For the past seven years I’ve been setting up and leading UX teams in big and mid sized companies like AXA or comparis.ch.

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I am a curious individual who is passionate about human psychology and the digital world. Therefore I’m seeking to create great experiences for customers by understanding their motivations and helping organizations to grow business.

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